Design Research - Future Connectivity

Since 1995 we're working on the conceptional and technical fusion of the fields of architecture and media. In our days - the time comming technologies of digital connectivity - we're about to enter a 'Next level' of technical and aesthetical design.

mylk* is actually working on several projects related to short and long term solutions for our industrial clientsa in the field of 'connected digitalisation'

Light Integration or Light Consultancy

However it fits best to your project structure.

mylk* delivers high quality light integration work packages tailor-made for each client.

Design Implementation, Product Design and Manufacturing

mylk* specialises in satisfying the individual needs and special requirements of each client. We translate the designer's or Architect's drafts to reality through all steps of the design chain right up to the final industrial production or custom build.

Customisation of Light Systems for Yachts and Residences

New lighting and control technologies and growing requirements such as energy efficiency, time and cost effective production, or highly individualised designs require the customisation of light systems and their interfaces.

mylk* meets these requirements and knows how to create the best possible and future proof system solution.